We apologize for all the inconvenience.

September 7, 2020, by Admin

We were hacked! Some one has been attacking our server. Errors are happening all the time and we are working on a fix. Every thing is fine for now, but we will not stop working until we are safe from such attacks again. We apologize for all the inconvenience.   Kind regards, LuckyCrypto/ ECM - Staff Member..  

Faucet List!

June 10, 2020, by Admin

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Faucet list has been moved here and updated. Thank you,     L-Crypto!

Welcome to The Site!

June 8, 2020, by Admin

Hello world!  I'm pretty happy to announce that the next ExpressCrypto.Marketing PTC update is almost ready. I expect release it until the endof this week. Wait for it! Kind regards, L-Crypto..